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Forge of Empires is a free browser-based game that you can play using your Windows device. Designed to offer players hours of entertainment, the strategy game sees you build cities as you move along from one century to another. The game also packs a lot of action, and players must train an army to defend the empire through the ages. Forge of Empires offers cross-platform support and works on Android devices. 

What is the gameplay of Forge of Empires?

Developed by InnoGames Gmbh, Forge of Empires download is a strategy and action game that takes you through the centuries. It begins in the Stone Age, where you find yourself trying to build a simple settlement. As soon as a new era dawns, you’re able to research and experiment with innovative technologies, build contemporary structures, and create a powerful empire

The strategy browser game offers both single and multiplayer modes. By leading strategic campaigns in the single-player mode, players can beautify cities, develop advanced weapons, and train an entire army. The game also requires players to have a good sense of finances, as they’re also in charge of collecting tax from residents and using it towards the growth of the territory. 

Forge of Empires gameplay isn’t limited to city building and features exciting wars against the computer and other players. Not only do you need to train an invincible military unit, but you also must apply battle strategy to win against your opponents. In multiplayer mode, you can join hands with other players to defeat a common enemy and divide resources equally

How can players forge their empire?

When you first log in to the Forge of Empires online dashboard, you need to choose a suitable ground and start building your village. Similar to Clash of Clans, players are given multiple building options, each with its own set of benefits. The most prominent building options available in Forge are residential structures, cultural hubs, goods buildings, and military units. 

By constructing a residential building first, players get access to monetary resources and the human population. Without these, you won’t have a city or its people. Once you cover the ground with huts, you can add cultural buildings. The purpose of these buildings is to bring happiness and joy to the residents, thereby increasing their productivity levels. 

The next point of business is to create a building that produces variable goods that you can use or trade with your friends and neighbors. Apart from these, the game also features some historical structures that offer several benefits but take up a lot of resources to build. Military or army units are buildings where you train your warriors and store the loot of your conquests.  

What can players do with research trees?

Forge of Empires download features Research Trees, which you can use to develop your skills and move from history towards the future. For example, by learning more about fire and wood, you’re able to forge tools and build wooden huts, respectively. Without the research, you would still be living in primitive homes. However, research, like other resources, requires money or Forge Points. 

What are Forge points?

As you spend a few hours playing Forge of Empires and begin progressing through the game, you automatically start collecting Forge Points. In most instances, you’re able to attain anywhere between 1 to 10 Forge Points every hour. These points can then be used to research different technologies, unlock buildings and develop historic structures, provided you have the required blueprints.  

How do I attack in Forge of Empires?

Forge of Empires, just like Raids: Shadow Legends features turn-based fights. In such a combat system, you need to create a battle-winning strategy, choose the right military unit, attack and wait for the enemy to respond. You can also plunder other empires or use the auto-battle mode to defend your world. The game also features special events and guild tournaments that you can participate in by joining a group of players. 

How can you win Forge of Empires?

To win the game, you must constantly upgrade and expand your city from a primitive territory to a grand metropolis. As you develop more buildings, you’re able to attain more resources, even those that can help you build historic structures that are unique to each era. Players can also increase the construction speed by using diamonds, an in-game currency that you can purchase or attain through quests. 

Is Forge of Empires easy to play?

For beginners, Forge of Empires download features an interactive tutorial that helps them get started. It takes them through the early stages of constructing buildings and acquiring essential resources. Once the players understand the gameplay, they can turn off the tutorial and start playing. The only drawback of the browser game is that it requires a very stable network connection, without which it keeps crashing or reloading. 

Is Forge of Empires free?

Forge Empires is a free-to-play game that features a few in-game purchases to help players speed up research and construction. The game works well on Windows 7 and above computers and only requires 1 GB RAM and 100 MB hard disk space. 

Are there any alternatives?

The Medieval Dynasty game takes place in Europe and lets you build a prosperous city that can conquer all other settlements. The game features elements of survival, simulation, strategy, and role-playing, and is a good alternative to Forge Empires. Another similar game where you must construct an empire and train an army is Kings of the Realm.

Should I download Forge of Empires?

Forge of Empires download is an elaborate single and multiplayer game that requires attention to detail and promises hours of fun. With this browser-based strategy and action game, you construct an empire that lasts and grows alongside different centuries. It also provides turn-based combats and guild tournaments, both of which help you earn additional resources. With an interactive tutorial, auto-battle function, and frequent updates, Forge of Empires is a delightful game that you must play! 


  • Features challenging combats
  • Offers AI-controlled enemies
  • Provides an engaging gameplay
  • Comes with cross-platform support


  • Occasionally crashes

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

Forge of Empires for PC

  • Free

  • In English
  • V
  • 2.5


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